Roboterwerk Selfie Mavic Mini, LED Flashlight for DJI Mavic Mini, DJI Mavic Equipment, Drone positionlight, up to 55 Lumen, tiltable

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Price: $41.86
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Robotwerk GmbH develops high-quality drone accessories for the entire European and American market. Our products own the highest standards in terms of material use, workmanship and functionality. That’s why we use products from the world’s best manufacturers and manufacture in Germany.
We are the only ones to offer the drone license plates required in Germany, not only made of aluminum, but also made of titanium and high-tech glass and manufacture them exactly according to customer requirements.
Our focus is on the lighting of drones in order to increase the safety and also the scope of the aircraft. We offer various lighting systems for applications from selfies to video lighting to custom-made products for emergency services.
Robotwerk GmbH also has stickers for decorating and customizing drones as well as grip pads for safe hand catching in its range.

We hope that you have a lot of fun with our products!

ROBOTERWERK assumes no liability for any damage to the drone. The accessories can possibly influence the manufacturer’s guarantee. In addition, ROBOTERWERK assumes no liability if further modifications are made to the accessories or foreign objects are attached to the accessories and transported with them.
When purchasing a lighting system, please inform yourself about the legal requirements for night flights; In Germany, approval can be obtained from the responsible office by email.

For your own safety and the safety of others, fly carefully and be mindful of your surroundings; and never look straight into the lamps of the lighting systems, otherwise there is a risk of blindness.

Since 2019 Roboterwerk offers two lighting systems (single and dual headlights) with two different LED lights. Older reviews relate to pre-production models.
This LED spotlight is perfect for making great videos even in twilight or for illuminating photos during night flights. The light considerably extends the limits of the flight, the drone remains visible for miles.
This headlight shines with 55 lumens for about 1 hour and can then be easily recharged via micro USB.
The tiltable LED can be adjusted to the desired direction before the flight.
The elegant aluminum bracket is attached to the wings with a non-slip rubber attachment, where it doesn‘t interfere with the sensors or the flight behavior.


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