WallarGe Wireless TV Headphones Over-Ear Headset – 2.4GHz Headphones with Digital Stereo for TV Watching and Seniors,RF Transmitter,100ft Wireless Range,12 Hours Battery Life.

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Introduction of 2.4 GHz Wireless TV Headphones

This headphone adopts the internationally advanced 2.4 GHz wireless audio transmission technology,which is characterized by stable signal (high-frequency frequency hopping anti-interference technology,easy to avoid the interference of other signals), long transmission distance (within a radius of 30 meters)and features such as stereo high-fidelity sound quality. As long as you connect the dock to any audio device you want to listen to, such as TV, PC, MP3, DVD, VCR, Hi-Fi system, radio, etc., you can use the headphone to listen to the sound of the audio device either indoors or outdoors.

Advantages of 2.4 GHz Wireless Transmission Technology

Wireless connection: unfettered listening environment
Large amount of transmitted data: 2M per second
Long transmission distance: up to 100 feet
No loss of sound quality: high-fidelity stereo
Low power consumption: 12 hours of battery life
Automatic shutdown function:when the power is low or there is no connection

2.4GHz Technology Stereo Headphones – Its real advantage is a better sound quality with prominent highs and low radio waves. The bass is commendable and does not overpower the treble. When you want high-fi stereo while watching tv with HD movies or playing games, RF wireless headphones should be preferred.
100ft Wireless Long Transmission Range – 2.4GHz Wireless chipsets boast a long range and lag-free experience. Truly works even at 100 foot away from transmitter, you can go downstairs to transfer wash, to the kitchen to get lunch and back to the TV and never miss a thing. Often, there’s no pairing involved and it’s simply a plug-and-play experience.
Adjustable Headband and Comfortable Earmuff – Speaking of comfort, WallarGe wireless RF Headphone comes in a sleek design with fully sealed ear cups for noise cancelling. It is comfortable on the ears and can be used for hours with proper volume control. The headphones have an adjustable headband designed to provide comfort for long hours of listening.
Rechargeable Headset with 12-hour Battery life – The auto charging station is great and the headset is always fully charged, charge the headphones by seating into base and in a few hours, you are ready to listen, maintains about 12 hours of working time. Just enjoy what you like without wires and more around in the house and you will not disturb the ambiance of the house with loud noise.
Applicable to Many Audio Devices,Easy to Use – Just turn it on and listen immediately, plug one wire into the back of the TV and in seconds it’s up and running. It is compatible with Tablet, iPads, Laptop, Cellphone, Radio, CD and MP3 players, TV sets and Computers. The package come with necessary Cables for easy access to all kinds of audio device. 2.4GHz audio is noticeably better when compared with Bluetooth wireless audio.


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